Discover What Others Have to Say About Their Radiant Rose Transformations

Yesterday I had my first ever Reiki session. Oh. My. Gosh. Nothing short of amazing! I immediately felt lighter after the session. I’ve been feeling stressed lately and haven’t been able to “get inspired” or even think positively in situations and therefore feeling stuck. I’m sure some of you know the feeling. So uncomfortable. My neck and shoulders were heavy and painful! I’ve had two hour and a half massages in the past month trying to release the tension.
After the session, it was immediately gone! And TODAY? I feel so energized I want to jump out of my skin! She said we took advantage of the new moon energy too so it was good timing. And, she pulled some angel cards for me that were so spot on. The experience was super fun but most importantly, effective! ✨
— ~Jenny in Gilbert, Arizona

I have just had an amazing experience with light worker and spiritual healer Angela Rose that I am in tears and feel nothing but love as well as a road to healing ❤️❤️ please message her if interested and I can promise you that you will benefit greatly.
— ~Ashley L. in Studio City, California

I highly recommend booking a Blueprint Sovereignty session with Angela! Although I had done a lot of spiritual work and chord cutting before, she took it to a new level, clearing wounds from past lives, ancestors, etc. I feel much better, and for some reason I also feel very fearless.
— Pooja in Phoenix, Arizona